Remember: Try to see the bright side

Let's help each other climb the rest of the way up.

Do you ever feel like you’re hanging from a cliff as you write?

I know I’m not the only writer who goes through an emotional rollercoaster while writing. When you start your story (whether it’s a short story or novel), you may have issues getting the beginning just to where you want it to be.

Sometimes, I dwell in this stage a lot longer than I want to. But most times, as long as I’ve set up the scene well enough, I’m okay.

Other people have issues with the middle. I’m not too bad with those. If I know where my story needs to go, writing the middle isn’t too hard for me ( I tend to create so many secrets and detailed back stories that I have more than enough to carry me through).

And finally, there are those who trip up right at the end. That’s definitely me. I may have my struggles through the beginning and middle, but it’s at the end where I really lose my spark. I can’t end them. I don’t know why, or how to fix it. I just can’t. And I’ve tried almost everything: writing the ending first, super detailed outlines, jumping right in. The only thing that helps me (a bit) is talking it out with people. Having them see what I can’t and giving me the advice I need. I think I’m too deep into the story to see the gaps, and that’s why I love critiquing buddies. They’re absolutely great.

So recently, I’ve been working on my newest WIP. It’s the second of a fantasy could-be-series, and like always, it involves a lot of revising as I write. I’ve realized, though, I like knowing what my story needs after writing the first few chapters. I like exploring the world I’ve created and the characters within it first, then understanding what they need to get through their journey and adding it to what I already have.

Sure, it would be great to know it all before hand. And maybe it’s not the greatest way to write, for some people.

But its my way.

And frankly, when I finally know what I need to add or take out of earlier chapters to make them better ( because it happens to us all), I don’t want to wait until the end to fix it, like I’ve heard from some writers. I want to do it NOW.

So, even though I’m a little frustrated at the fact that I’m only one-third of the way into the story, I must sit down, relax, and think about the positive things about the situation that I’m in now:

  1. I’m one-third of the way into my second WIP…. 🙂
  2. That means 100+ pages, by the way ( a great accomplishment)
  3. I’m learning more about my writing style, my process for doing things
  4.  I finally know what I need to plan out before I start writing
  5. I’m becoming more confident in my writing this time around
  6. I know what my writing strengths are
  7.  I know my weaknesses too (which tend to change based on what I’m reading.)
  8. And I have found a lot of people supporting me through my trials, some writers and some avid readers. People who are interested in my story and what I have to say (and it’s not just because they want to be nice)

That’s a lot of things right there, and I’m sure there are more that I’m missing. I try to always remember these because they keep me going. These things prevent me from giving up and tossing my laptop out of a window… because I’ve been tempted to do so at times…

I love the positives of writing too much to let the negatives drag me down. It’ll get better. This draft will get better, this story will get better, and my writing will get better.

Now, will it get easier? Probably not. But I’m ready for it and ready to fight every ounce of doubt and fear and frustration to get to the excitement and thrill and joy.

Because that’s the best part.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Remember: Try to see the bright side

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  2. I have the most trouble setting up all the pieces in the original draft. Making sure I build correctly, tie lose ends up, keep all the details right. Once I get to editing, I’m good. That’s where I am now–so fun.


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