Which do you prefer? Traditional Books or Ebooks?

I saw this online and wanted to know what everyone thought about it:


I used to be a hardcore  hardcover-only book reader, but recently, I’ve subscribed to this website called Bookbub, where they give you a list of free or cheap e-books to read daily. Now, I’m on the fence about this. I like both platforms for different reasons.

When it comes to authors I’ve read for years or stories recommended to me by friends, I tend to stick to traditional books. I like the feel of it in my hands, the sound of the pages turning, and just having it here with me. And also, I’m sure that these are books I’ll like, if not love… Most of the time (There was one time in highschool where I bought a series of books(3) because a friend said it was great… didn’t like it, couldn’t get into it, regretted it).

On the other hand, if it wasn’t for e-books, or more specifically the free e-book website, I would’ve missed out on a lot of good novels. I’ve read books that have become some of my new favorites (maybe I’ll talk about them later) and have rejuvenated my own stories because they were new to me. They were something I wouldn’t have found, or looked for, otherwise.

Personally, all the info about each side means nothing to me as a reader. I don’t care how much each one makes, what they cost, or even which is a better platform, because when it comes down to it,  if I like a book, really like it, I’ll pay for it, no questions. And ultimately, it doesn’t matter which form.

I want to know your opinion, though. Which do you all read more of? And why? What attracts you to a particular form of a book? Do you like E-books more? Traditional books? Or are you like me, and read a bit of both?

Let me know!



5 thoughts on “Which do you prefer? Traditional Books or Ebooks?

  1. I usually prefer real books. I like the smell 🙂 But I’m living in Singapore for like 2 years right now so I’m trying not to amass to much crap to move back, so e-books it is!


  2. I do love the feel of a ‘real’ book, but I use my e-reader all the time 😀 It’s very handy, and much easier to take around wherever I go, instead of lugging around 2 or 3 books.


  3. I spend so much time these days staring at computer screens (usually for school!), I’d much rather take any opportunity I get to rest my eyes from all that electronic light. Not that reading on paper is actually that much easier on the eyes. But still–I prefer hard-copy. 🙂

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