Confession: I’m Troubled and Easily Distracted

9637296561_ac261d3ee8_oSo, on Monday I had my WIP critiqued in the last workshop of the semester. Obviously, there were things that still I need to fix, some world-building that I have to work out, but overall, I’m proud of myself for improving so much over the past year. I’ve gotten a handle on what I’m good at, what I tend to focus on in my writing, and what I need to focus on (which I talked a bit about here)

Anyways, what I really want to talk about it continuing this project. I have my first WIP, which I do want to (and will) get back to finishing at some point, but I feel like I need to give them a rest. I don’t know.  Writing a novel is so difficult, and I have all of these plot lines that need to be explained well enough for the reader to understand ( the Main Plot, Two Romance Plots, War Backstory, MC’s parents Backstory, MC’s Internal goal, etc.) Every time I feel like I’ve fleshed them out enough, that I’ve given the reader enough to think about as the story continues, there something else that I didn’t consider.

Not that I have a huge problem  with it.

I like exploring the world and all, but constantly having to go back and fix chapter one, which therefore forces me to fix the entire thing. And I know, I said I like knowing what I need to fix and going back to do it right then and there. I still do.


BUT, I wonder if it will always  be this way. I look on the bright side, about how much my writing as improved, all the things I’m learning, and still I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever finish a draft of a novel. (I mean, I’m not giving up or anything, and I’m not discouraged from writing in general, just this particular story at this time moment in time.)

I go through bursts of writing; finding a new idea, falling in love with it, writing a hundred pages (or 200) then falling out of love slowly while unconsciously thinking and finding new ideas for stories. Then I get preoccupied with the new shiny ideas, and say “I have to write this now” But that means writing several stories at once, which I can’t do.

So today, I’d like to ask for tips and advice. Should I continue with this current draft, and just push through it? Or should I put it down and start something new? What would you do?


3 thoughts on “Confession: I’m Troubled and Easily Distracted

  1. Push through it. Get it down, all of it. Some of it will be crap, the worse writing you’ve ever done. Don’t care, do it anyway. Stopping now will only give you excuses never to return. You’ll never have to face rejection and possible failure if you never finish it…and that’s why your subconscious pushes you not to. But screw that. Prove that insidious little voice wrong. Write it all. You can always clean it up later. And sure, this response is mostly about my own problems, but I’ll bet they mirror yours pretty closely.


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