Drabble: Two-Character Mashup

Bench I found this idea on Olivia Berrier’s blog, where she took two of her own characters, a random word, and wrong a short drabble about it. I told her I really wanted to try it, and I’d let her know when I did, so here it is!

Characters: Lillian(Elite) + Zak(Artificial Guardian) + Ice Cream

**And if the races (Guardians/Elites etc.) is really confusing, let me know and I’ll explain. I was trying to focus more so on their character traits and what they’d do in this sort of situation and less about their background and world building**


Lillian noticed that man watching her the minute she sat down on the bench. He’d been in the same spot for hours, pretending to read the newspaper half-heartedly thrown across his lap. His red eyes flickered, and Lillian felt a chill slither across her back. No human had red eyes. Hell, she wasn’t really human either, but that wasn’t the point. Only Artificial Guardians had those kinds of eyes.

What was he doing here of all places?

If Aiden were here, he would’ve told her to go home immediately. Or better yet, his place, where he could do his job and protect her – he was one of her Guardians. But instead, Lillian was feeling a bit reckless. And angry. What right did he have to keep looking at her. She hadn’t skipped school for this; she wanted to relax. Wrapping an arm around her stomach, she told herself she wasn’t afraid, that she had no reason to be since she was clearly stronger than he was. She pressed her fingers against the mark on her forehead, the jewel that she knew was still as blue as always; the strongest color. His was yellow, two stages lower than hers.

The man placed the newspapers at his side, and stood.  Lillian slid across her seat and pulled out her phone. She had several numbers on speed dial, the police being one of them. They wouldn’t let her, an Elite, get hurt – not this time, at least.

Lillian watched the man saunter across the pathway, towards a small ice-cream stand. He held up two of his fingers, then glanced over at her for a second, then nodded and paid the man.  Two cones at hand, he made his way back to the benches. But instead of his original place, a few seats down, he moved closer.

And closer.

And closer.

Until he stood in front of her, shoving a vanilla cone covered in rainbow sprinkles into her hands.

“What the-”

“Humor me, ” he said, taking a seat on the opposite end of the bench. He licked at the strawbery-chocolate mix, and Lillian stared, trying not to be disgusted.

“Why were you watching me?” Lillian asked him. She eyed the ice-cream – as if the had poisoned it without her knowing during the brief trip from the stand. “What do you want? I could kill you, right here, if I really wanted to.”

“But you won’t.”

“Just answer the damned question.”

With a thoughtful hum, and a knowing glance, he did. “You remind me of my daughter. Mostly.”


He shrugged. “It’s familiar.”

They didn’t say much after that. The ice cream started to melt, sliding on the sides of her hands, so Lillian gave in. If he were trying to kill her, there were lots of witnesses. It was actually pretty good, and Lillian reminded her to stop by the stand before she left to get the name. Aiden would love to try it.

After a while, things got boring again. Lillian finished up the free ice-cream, and wiped her hands on her pants. When she stood, the man grabbed her sleeve and she gasped.

“I knew it! What do you want from me?” She pulled from his grasp, holding her fists up in a way she hoped was threatening. It wasn’t.

The wind blew harshly around her face for a minute, and Lillian realized this was his power: Air. When it settled, he looked a lot more threatening than he had for the past few minutes, but simply said “Thank you.” It was odd.

And creepy.

And scary.

Lillian didn’t know what to do, so she picked up her phone and called Aiden.

“And I’m sorry about this,” he finished.

The wind picked up, flinging the phone from her grasp, and then there was nothing.



Okay, this was actually really bad. I couldn’t stop laughing as I wrote the beginning of this because it was so out of character for Zak, and yet, if things go as planned for the draft of the story, I could see him doing this under the right circumstances.  So I had to make him do that in the end to fit his character.

I wasn’t sure of what to write, at all, so I really just went with it. Once sentence after another, I didn’t really think about the overall scene, just what would logically happen after the last action.

What do you think?




3 thoughts on “Drabble: Two-Character Mashup

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  2. Okay, I kind of love this. Though there were a couple more forced feeling moments, I love the voice in this, it’s very strong. Very visual and emotional. I am experiencing it exactly through her eyes. Great job 🙂


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