Let’s Talk About the Heroine

419577839_482b496029_zVictoria Davenport brought up an interesting thing in a tweet a while ago about female protagonist (even wrote about strong female protagonist here. Check it out!) . We both agree that we hate when she starts off strong in her own way, and suddenly, as she meets the love of her life, and begins a relationship with him, things change. She’s no longer that strong woman. She relies on him to do the hard labor, the dirty work, so to speak. And when she’s in trouble, instead of pulling herself out of it like she would normally do (using her particular set of skills) she calls for him or waits for him to save her.

Now, I have nothing against a damsel in distress. Some women are like that, and some readers love to read about it.  But she MUST have a skill. She may not be physically strong, or able to build a boat for her and her friends to sail the seven seas, but she has wit and a silver tongue, or she knows how to talk to others and get information, or even she understand plants and knows which are good and bad. Just… give me something, please.

I look at all aspects of their character to develop them as people, not as a role in a story. And for all of you writers, here are some of the resources I use for this when I’m stuck:

I’m sure there are many more out there ( and if you find more, feel free to share them with the rest of us~)

I planned on writing a lot more about this, but I think Victoria does a very good job of addressing this. Seriously, Go check out her blog post about it, then head back over here and let me know what you think.

Who are your favorite strong, female protagonist to read about? What are they like? And why do you like them?


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