Waiting For Perfection

103301385173046409_l1KzX8o9_fFor as long as I can remember, I’ve done this exact thing. It’s probably the number one reason I haven’t been able to finish anything I’ve written thus far. I write kinda-sorta first drafts, and while I’m writing, I show it off to trusted readers. Then I edit earlier scenes and chapters over and over so that they read well, so that they’re as perfect as I can get them at this stage, even though I’m not completely sure of the ending, or even the beginning(sometimes).

I take a lot of time on several different outlines that only make me more frustrated with my writing, then stop writing for days, weeks even, because I no longer have the drive to do it. And when I finally decide to get back into writing, I start a new story, and go through the entire process again.

Not this time.

Now, I’m doing things differently (and hoping that the results will also be different too.) I’m:

  • Not letting ANYONE read my draft. It’s difficult, but it must be done…
  • Using the simplest outline possible. Plot points… And sometimes GMC’s…
  • Writing everyday, even if it’s only 50 words (or simply the idea of what I actually want to write.)
  • Worrying less about getting it right and more about getting it done. Sometimes.
  • Haven’t re-read any of the pages I’ve written, which mean no premature editing.

It’s still going good. I’ve just passed the quarter mark for my story, right around 20,ooo words, and I’m still going pretty strong~

What about you guys? Have any of you had to make drastic changes in how you normally work? What were they? Are you a perfectionist like me? Or even a former one who as overcome the urge (and tell me how you did it!) ?

Let me know~



4 thoughts on “Waiting For Perfection

  1. I have always been like that too. All of what you listed here helped; I don’t let anyone read my roughs, well, not usually. I force myself to write. I don’t edit till I’m done; if I think if something that needs to go in the plot earlier, I make note of it but don’t go back. Always move forward! 🙂


    • Glad to know I’m on the right track! And that these things do help. I’ll have to start making notes on the draft too, because that’s when the urge to fix and edit is strongest. Thanks for that~


  2. Yay! I’m so glad that things are improving, and you’re getting the words out. I have such a hard time, as a perfectionist myself. I notice that I self-edit while writing constantly, and then really just end up nowhere. I really have to force myself not to go back, and just get the dang words on the page first, and fix them later. You can fix bad writing, but you can’t fix a blank page 🙂 Keep it up!


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