What’s Up Wednesday

WUWWreath2What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme where we writers can interact with others in this large community (because writing can be a lonely road to travel, if you let it) and share what’s going on with us each week. If you’d like you join us (or are simply curious to read more about other writers) you can find out more about it at either Jaime or Erin’s blogs.

What I’m Reading

Just finished reading a few stories for my writing workshop: Anton Chekhov’s “The Lady and The Toy Dog”, and Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”.

The first story is about a Russian man and woman, and their affair. No spoilers, since you find that out in the first paragraph. And the second one is about four men and their experiences after being shipwrecked, floating along the sea to the shore.

I’ll talk more about Chekhov’s story because, even though the MC is selfish and disrespectful towards women, he was a very interesting character. I loved reading his thoughts and way of justifying his actions, and even though generally nothing really changed in the end, I was satisfied with the ending.

What I’m Writing

So, I’m keeping my novels on hold, because I feel like I’m still not ready to handle them yet. Instead, I’m working on a short story (partially for my writing class, partially for publishing) which, as of now, also takes place in a fantasy world. I’m trying to do things a little different this time, so I haven’t planned out too much of the story. I know the main conflict, who the important characters are, and generally what they want. Everything else will (hopefully) come to me as I need it. I’ll keep you all updated on that, and maybe even share a few excerpts too~

What Inspires Me

I’ve been getting soooooo many ideas from my other class, a literature class about greek myths and the development of democracy. We’re reading a few of the more famous Greek stories (Iliad, Odyssey, etc.) which is a bit of refresher for me. But what I love most about this class is that it makes me reevaluate the fantasy worlds I’ve already created, asking questions like: Why are they governed the way that they are? Why is their leader chosen? How? What do they believe makes a good leader? etc.

And also, she’s gives us a lot of quotes or says that instantly spark a new story in my mind.

Basically, my Muse is super happy right now!

What Else I’m Up To

  • Other than my three classes, and work coming up soon, not much. I’m really just trying to get used to my schedule before I start to extend myself out too far and stress out. I can’t let that happen.


Now tell me, What’s up with you?


10 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. It sounds like your classes are not only teaching you lots of great new things, they are also leading to a lot of new inspiration. Good luck with the short story. Have a wonderful week!


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