What’s Up Wednesday

WUWWreath2What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme where we writers can interact with others in this large community (because writing can be a lonely road to travel, if you let it) and share what’s going on with us each week. If you’d like you join us (or are simply curious to read more about other writers) you can find out more about it at either Jaime or Erin’s blogs.

What I’m Reading

Still reading story for my classes, while still trying to set some time aside for personal reading. That isn’t working too well, but luckily, I like most of what I have to read for my classes.

The one story I want to share with you all is Joyce Carol Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” It’s creepy, a good creepy, and I love the way the tension seems to rise so clearly and easily within the story. I’d read it again, because I know this is one of those things where I’ll find something different and knew each time I go through it.  If anyone has read it already, let me know what you thought of it!

What I’m Writing

So, I wrote the first three pages of my WIP, just feeling out the story, the setting and characters. It’s in a medieval world with a twist, filled with three general ideas of power: magic, science, and prayer ( can’t really think of a word for this third one yet). The general premise is that the MC wanted to travel to another town to become a demon specialist, sort of like a human ambassador (but not really), until her brother comes back home with claims that he needs a fresh start. Things get crazy, of course, and she learns her brother wasn’t exactly telling the truth about himself and what he was really up to, and while trying to get him out of ‘her’ home (because she’s possessive of her mother, her life, and feels he’s too selfish to live with them) she gets caught up in his chaos, and must choose between her dream and her family.

Muse is still happily skipping along with this story, so I’m happy too~

What Inspires Me

Still getting more inspiration from my literature class. I plan on writing a couple posts about the ideas and world-building things I think are important, so look out for those!

What Else I’m Up To

  • Planning another short story (this one in japanese). It’s partially for a newsletter, partially for myself, but I have to figure out what I want to write. Especially because my vocabulary isn’t as vast in Japanese as it is in English.
  • Part two of my post on Paradise on Paper is up! Check it out here!


Now tell me, What’s up with you?


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