5 Things I’ve Learned From Writing 20 Pages a Day

This past week, I’ve tried to finish my newest fantasy story – currently with no title, so I just label it ‘D & H story’ for demons and humans. And in order to move forward quickly and efficiently, and most importantly without that little voice in my head constantly trying to correct and perfect my words, I decided to write 20 pages a day.  So far so good, guys!

Through this entire process, I’ve learned a lot of things, especially about myself, which I wanted to share with all of you. So here they are:


1. I can actually write a lot in day.

I’ve never written more than maybe 15 at one time, and that was always with a play-by-play outline to back me up. So it was a little surprising to find that sometimes the words flew out so easily that I didn’t have to spend all day to meet my goals.

2. It’s hard.

I’ve found myself drifting off and using any opportunity as a distraction (especially YouTube). Which leads to number three…

3.  You will get distracted. Or at least, I did. At lot.

4. It challenged me to take my writing more seriously.

I’ve always had a hard time giving myself deadlines, because I can easily convince myself to do it later. But when someone else gives me a deadline, I get it done. So this time, I had to take myself and my writing just as seriously so I could finish on my own. And I am ^^

5. Positive thinking helps sooooo much.

I realized that a fear of not believing I could finish anything was starting to take over my desire to write. I know my stories are interesting, and I believe in my ability to convey a well written story. But I didn’t know if I could complete a story.  So, I promised myself to get rid of any thoughts like that. And as I did, the anxiety simmered. It didn’t completely go away, but I felt more in control of my fears.

Now that I’ve written almost 92 pages in the span of five days, even though I didn’t make my page could a day or two, I’m still writing. And I know I’ll finish. No more fear, no more worries, and no more distractions.

It’s time to get this done.

What about you guys?

Have you ever challenged your writing, either by writing a longer piece instead of shorter, a different genre or kind of character, or even like me and you’ve had a particular word or page count?

Let me know in the comments below~~


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