Weekend Writing Warriors #4


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I’m back again with another Weekend Writing Warriors Post!!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a writing blog hop where writers share eight sentences from their WIP each week, hosted here. Make sure to stop by their website if you’d like to join us. And check out the other great writers who’re showing their work as well!


Booming thunder came in waves, bringing strong winds that rattled the windows. Forked lightning danced across the skies, and rain poured down harder than Katalina had ever seen before. The meteorologist had predicted sunny skies, high in the seventies, and yet that prediction had dissipated the minute she stepped into the café. She checked the weather seventeen times that morning, and twice more before she left home – the same thing she did every morning – and there had been no recent alerts on her phone, no clouds in the sky, and no dewy damp smells in the air that hinted at a storm. Nothing.

The storm reminded her of her childhood, of crawling into the tightest spots beneath her bed to hide from the noise, covering her ears. Of darker images she dared not think about because she didn’t want to panic in public. Even now, she felt the urge to hide, if only to stop her fears from resurfacing. If she couldn’t hear it, it wasn’t there, it wasn’t really happening. She was safe.



This is the intro to a short story I recently finished, with the most original title, “Thunderstorm”. It’s the first realistic, non-fantasy story I’ve written in a while (if ever).

At first, I wanted to write a story about two people falling in love, despite not knowing the same language. But as I started writing it, the focus was pulled slightly away from their romance (very slightly) and placed more on the main female character  overcoming her fears. Somehow, she developed a phobia for thunder and lightning, and I struggled to find a reason to keep her and her love interest in the same place.  Still, it all worked out in the end. And even though I still have some things I need to edit and polish, I’m extremely proud of it.

So, let me know what you think~




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