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5 Things I’ve Learned From Writing 20 Pages a Day

This past week, I’ve tried to finish my newest fantasy story – currently with no title, so I just label it ‘D & H story’ for demons and humans. And in order to move forward quickly and efficiently, and most importantly without that little voice in my head constantly trying to correct and perfect my words, I decided to write 20 pages a day.  So far so good, guys!

Through this entire process, I’ve learned a lot of things, especially about myself, which I wanted to share with all of you. Continue reading

The Short Story

short-story2-10af47pI’m back everyone!

I have to apologize for not posting anything in such a long time. It’s been a combination of a hectic schedule and not having much to say to you all. But I’m back, with a new posting schedule to get back into the groove of things.

Anyway, what I want to talk you to all about, or more specifically what I want to ask, is what qualifies a short story? In my previous writing class, I worked on what I felt was a short story (30 pages of pure fantasy goodness~), allowing my other works to rest just a little longer. When the time came to critique my story, I was both extremely nervous and excited to hear what my classmates had to say. But my biggest worry, above all else, was if my story felt like a short story. Continue reading

The Individual, The Community, and Their Value

For the past couple weeks or so I’ve been talking about my current classes, specifically my Literature class, and how much it’s helping my writing.  And now I want to share some of those interesting ideas with you all.

This post is mostly going to be about the Leaders of the societies your writing about, whether their ruled by one person, or a group of people.  And even though what we discussed in class was about the right ways of forming a democracy, in terms of the greek myths, I feel that by playing around with different aspects of your world, you can create very interesting, and thoroughly developed place without in necessarily having to be a democracy.  Continue reading

Drabble: Two-Character Mashup #2

Bench  I really liked exploring my character’s personalities in different ways, so I wanted to try this again. Maybe this will become a regular thing. (If you want to read the last one I wrote, click here)

So here’s the word for this drabble, and the two characters I chose.  

Characters: Aiden + Darius + worship


Darius leaned against the railing of the deck, staring at Aiden who couldn’t seem to keep his eyes from a certain girl. Torn between obnoxious laughter and ruthless taunting, he settled on taunting, because that’s the kind of guy he was.

“Are you serious?”

“Huh?” Aiden flipped around so quick, he nearly pulled the railing with him. “What did you say?”

“You’re staring.”

Aiden frowned, but there was a clear blush spreading across his tan cheeks. “No. I wasn’t-”

“You were, and it’s pathetic, in case you were wondering. Why don’t you just tell her?” Then in after thought, Darius added, “Wait, she doesn’t know you like her by now? Tell me she’s not that stupid.”

“She’s not stupid!” Aiden said. “Just confused.”

“Yeah, because it’s so difficult to choose a guy.” Darius couldn’t believe this was actually happening, in real life and not in movies, but he wouldn’t complain. It made for good entertainment. And as long as it wasn’t him, he could watch the love triangle-thing all day. Almost.

Darius watched Aiden watch Lillian, as she talked with Makaya and Ember about whatever it was that they usually talked about. Probably something boring and complicated, like their feelings. It always led to him having to so someone’s problem, which meant getting up and doing things.

“It’s like she’s some sacred temple you worship.”

“I do not!”

“You don’t what?” Lillian leaned in closer, a hand framing the back of her ear. “Wanna share with the rest of us?”




Okay, so I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how to get worship in there… and then didn’t know how to end it, so stopped midstream. Darius and Aiden are actually from two different WIP’s of mine so it was weird having them interact, but I figured, once they when through the journey of their story, they could probably be decent friends. Maybe.

Let me know what you all think~



Confession: When I read, I skim most descriptions…

When I read...

When I read… xD

I have to be honest. When I read, I tend to skim around the descriptions and focus on dialogue and characters. I like reading about the relationships between characters, and following the plot, so if the descriptions are relevent to that, I try to take my time. But if not, I glaze over it to get to what I feel is the ‘good stuff’.

Which is why, when I write my own stories (including my current WIP), my descriptions are lacking. Severely. I have to work extra hard to make the setting pop, the descriptions personal to the characters, even though I know what the characters look like, where they are, and how they’re interacting with their surroundings. The images in my head are blurry at best, and they don’t always translate well onto paper for me. Continue reading

The Importance Of a Good Theme

20130925_125845 (

If you couldn’t already tell by the few excerpts of my WIP that I’ve posted,  I write mostly fantasy. And sometimes, when I read fantasy, they tell really good stories with complex characters and a back story that pulls me in and hold on tight, even after the very last page. But there aren’t many out there that speak to something greater than itself.

I think this goes for all genres, too. The best sci-fi is known for examining our world through another, different themes such as identity, or gender issues, or even familial connections. I love those stories, because they speak to something greater than just those characters in the story. They talk about our world. Continue reading

Waiting For Perfection

103301385173046409_l1KzX8o9_fFor as long as I can remember, I’ve done this exact thing. It’s probably the number one reason I haven’t been able to finish anything I’ve written thus far. I write kinda-sorta first drafts, and while I’m writing, I show it off to trusted readers. Then I edit earlier scenes and chapters over and over so that they read well, so that they’re as perfect as I can get them at this stage, even though I’m not completely sure of the ending, or even the beginning(sometimes). Continue reading