What’s Up Wednesday

wuwPLANEBORDER2What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme where we writers can interact with others in this large community (because writing can be a lonely road to travel, if you let it) and share what’s going on with us each week. If you’d like you join us (or are simply curious to read more about other writers) you can find out more about it at either Jaime or Erin’s blogs.

What I’m Reading

*Spoiler Alert*

So, I’m slowly trying to finish Reign of Blood, because it started off really good, but has slowly become a little …eeh…

This is mostly because of  the moment when the MC meets a one of the large groups of vampires, she instantly falls in love with one of the leaders, and him with her (because she’s his soul mate and they sort of imprint). For me, it came out of nowhere, and really bugged me because she suddenly became a lot more reliant on him, but he hasn’t given her a reason to be that way, other than the fact that he’s handsome and their ‘meant to be together’. Continue reading


Waiting For Perfection

103301385173046409_l1KzX8o9_fFor as long as I can remember, I’ve done this exact thing. It’s probably the number one reason I haven’t been able to finish anything I’ve written thus far. I write kinda-sorta first drafts, and while I’m writing, I show it off to trusted readers. Then I edit earlier scenes and chapters over and over so that they read well, so that they’re as perfect as I can get them at this stage, even though I’m not completely sure of the ending, or even the beginning(sometimes). Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the Heroine

419577839_482b496029_zVictoria Davenport brought up an interesting thing in a tweet a while ago about female protagonist (even wrote about strong female protagonist here. Check it out!) . We both agree that we hate when she starts off strong in her own way, and suddenly, as she meets the love of her life, and begins a relationship with him, things change. She’s no longer that strong woman. She relies on him to do the hard labor, the dirty work, so to speak. And when she’s in trouble, instead of pulling herself out of it like she would normally do (using her particular set of skills) she calls for him or waits for him to save her.

Continue reading