Drabble: Two-Character Mashup #2

Bench  I really liked exploring my character’s personalities in different ways, so I wanted to try this again. Maybe this will become a regular thing. (If you want to read the last one I wrote, click here)

So here’s the word for this drabble, and the two characters I chose.  

Characters: Aiden + Darius + worship


Darius leaned against the railing of the deck, staring at Aiden who couldn’t seem to keep his eyes from a certain girl. Torn between obnoxious laughter and ruthless taunting, he settled on taunting, because that’s the kind of guy he was.

“Are you serious?”

“Huh?” Aiden flipped around so quick, he nearly pulled the railing with him. “What did you say?”

“You’re staring.”

Aiden frowned, but there was a clear blush spreading across his tan cheeks. “No. I wasn’t-”

“You were, and it’s pathetic, in case you were wondering. Why don’t you just tell her?” Then in after thought, Darius added, “Wait, she doesn’t know you like her by now? Tell me she’s not that stupid.”

“She’s not stupid!” Aiden said. “Just confused.”

“Yeah, because it’s so difficult to choose a guy.” Darius couldn’t believe this was actually happening, in real life and not in movies, but he wouldn’t complain. It made for good entertainment. And as long as it wasn’t him, he could watch the love triangle-thing all day. Almost.

Darius watched Aiden watch Lillian, as she talked with Makaya and Ember about whatever it was that they usually talked about. Probably something boring and complicated, like their feelings. It always led to him having to so someone’s problem, which meant getting up and doing things.

“It’s like she’s some sacred temple you worship.”

“I do not!”

“You don’t what?” Lillian leaned in closer, a hand framing the back of her ear. “Wanna share with the rest of us?”




Okay, so I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how to get worship in there… and then didn’t know how to end it, so stopped midstream. Darius and Aiden are actually from two different WIP’s of mine so it was weird having them interact, but I figured, once they when through the journey of their story, they could probably be decent friends. Maybe.

Let me know what you all think~




Drabble: Two-Character Mashup

Bench I found this idea on Olivia Berrier’s blog, where she took two of her own characters, a random word, and wrong a short drabble about it. I told her I really wanted to try it, and I’d let her know when I did, so here it is!

Characters: Lillian(Elite) + Zak(Artificial Guardian) + Ice Cream

**And if the races (Guardians/Elites etc.) is really confusing, let me know and I’ll explain. I was trying to focus more so on their character traits and what they’d do in this sort of situation and less about their background and world building**


Lillian noticed that man watching her the minute she sat down on the bench. He’d been in the same spot for hours, pretending to read the newspaper half-heartedly thrown across his lap. His red eyes flickered, and Lillian felt a chill slither across her back. No human had red eyes. Hell, she wasn’t really human either, but that wasn’t the point. Only Artificial Guardians had those kinds of eyes.

What was he doing here of all places? Continue reading