Confession: When I read, I skim most descriptions…

When I read...

When I read… xD

I have to be honest. When I read, I tend to skim around the descriptions and focus on dialogue and characters. I like reading about the relationships between characters, and following the plot, so if the descriptions are relevent to that, I try to take my time. But if not, I glaze over it to get to what I feel is the ‘good stuff’.

Which is why, when I write my own stories (including my current WIP), my descriptions are lacking. Severely. I have to work extra hard to make the setting pop, the descriptions personal to the characters, even though I know what the characters look like, where they are, and how they’re interacting with their surroundings. The images in my head are blurry at best, and they don’t always translate well onto paper for me. Continue reading


Which do you prefer? Traditional Books or Ebooks?

I saw this online and wanted to know what everyone thought about it:


I used to be a hardcore  hardcover-only book reader, but recently, I’ve subscribed to this website called Bookbub, where they give you a list of free or cheap e-books to read daily. Now, I’m on the fence about this. I like both platforms for different reasons. Continue reading