The Individual, The Community, and Their Value

For the past couple weeks or so I’ve been talking about my current classes, specifically my Literature class, and how much it’s helping my writing.  And now I want to share some of those interesting ideas with you all.

This post is mostly going to be about the Leaders of the societies your writing about, whether their ruled by one person, or a group of people.  And even though what we discussed in class was about the right ways of forming a democracy, in terms of the greek myths, I feel that by playing around with different aspects of your world, you can create very interesting, and thoroughly developed place without in necessarily having to be a democracy.  Continue reading


Waiting For Perfection

103301385173046409_l1KzX8o9_fFor as long as I can remember, I’ve done this exact thing. It’s probably the number one reason I haven’t been able to finish anything I’ve written thus far. I write kinda-sorta first drafts, and while I’m writing, I show it off to trusted readers. Then I edit earlier scenes and chapters over and over so that they read well, so that they’re as perfect as I can get them at this stage, even though I’m not completely sure of the ending, or even the beginning(sometimes). Continue reading

Confession: I’m Troubled and Easily Distracted

9637296561_ac261d3ee8_oSo, on Monday I had my WIP critiqued in the last workshop of the semester. Obviously, there were things that still I need to fix, some world-building that I have to work out, but overall, I’m proud of myself for improving so much over the past year. I’ve gotten a handle on what I’m good at, what I tend to focus on in my writing, and what I need to focus on (which I talked a bit about here)

Anyways, what I really want to talk about it continuing this project. I have my first WIP, which I do want to (and will) get back to finishing at some point, but I feel like I need to give them a rest. I don’t know.   Continue reading

Confession: I’m Vague and Secretive

5337779196_990602b427_oI tend to keep a lot of secrets in my stories. It’s a bad habit. I mean, really, really bad. So bad that, after a long talk with a few of my critiquing buddies, I realized that I basically say a lot of nothing. It’s not exactly flowery writing; it’s just really… vague.

I’m so afraid of telling the reader too much too early, of leaving them with nothing to look forward to, that I’d start to hide things that shouldn’t be a secret at all.

Like a character’s back story.

Or details about the war they’re living through.

Or even what the characters (mostly minor ones) think about the happenings of their world. Continue reading

Real World Stories vs. World Building

Real? Or Imagined?

Real? Or Imagined?

I think it’s really interesting to read a story and realize it takes place in a town you actually know about. Maybe you even live in that town. You can read and follow along with the characters in the story, watch with your own eyes as they cross an intersection, enter a low-key shop you’ve never paid much attention to until now. That’s a whole new level of bringing a story to life.

Sadly, I can’t do that. Continue reading